Doing good for each other and for the communities that we seek to serve: Therein, resides the heart of SPJST’s fraternal objective. As stated in the SPJST By-Laws, the purpose of this Society is to provide security for its members and the families of the insured, through the various certificates issued in accordance with the fraternal insurance laws of the State of Texas.

With assets of approximately $235 million, SPJST continues to fulfill its financial obligations to its members and keep pace with the life insurance industry. The Society offers its members an extensive menu of life insurance options, including annuities and mortgage loans.

For 119 years, SPJST lodges and members have worked hard to establish the Society’s reputation as a proactive, nonsectarian fraternal organization. Recent SPJST statewide initiatives include the November 5th, 2009 Fort Hood Memorial dedicated in 2016 and the West Benevolence Fund. In 2015, SPJST members contributed more than 110,000 hours and more than $324,000 to charitable causes and programs helping local communities.

Local lodges sponsor an impressive array of family-oriented activities, including community service projects, recreational events, dances, picnics, and musical and choral groups. SPJST’s youth program provides boys and girls with a wealth of opportunities to achieve personal growth, fun, and scholarships. In 2016, SPJST presented more than $65,000 in scholarships.

In 2016, there are approximately 42,000 SPJST members in 102 lodges throughout Texas. They are taking the best that SPJST has to offer – a tradition of helping people to care for their families – and are extending these values to their communities.

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