SPJST Standing Committees

The quadrennial convention elects four standing committees: By-Law, Finance, Insurance, and Publication. Committees have the authorization to deliberate and make recommendations between conventions with regard to their respective areas. View a map of SPJST’s districts.

By-Law Committee

District One – Richard Ford
District Two – Ronnie Rieger, Chairman
District Three – Kay Lynn Kovar
District Four – Beverly Teplicek, Secretary
District Five – Dorothy Pflughaupt, Vice Chairman
District Six – Joseph Siptak
District Seven – Oscar Korus

Finance Committee

District One – Thomas Cannon
District Two – Edwin Pechal
District Three – Michael Galler, Vice Chairman
District Four – Herman D. Weise, Chairman
District Five – Marceil Malak, Secretary
District Six – Glenn Kaminsky
District Seven – James House

Insurance Committee

District One – Susan Skrabanek, Chairman
District Two – Patsy Koslovksy
District Three – Robert Sill
District Four – Leonard Jansa, Vice Chairman
District Five – Mark Childres
District Six – Elizabeth Holub
District Seven – Wendy Pruski, Secretary

Publication Committee

District One – Floyd Kostelka, Vice Chairman
District Two – Tammy Cannon
District Three – Lynda Novak
District Four – Sharon Hohmann
District Five – Vonda Smesny, Secretary
District Six – Helen Kelner
District Seven – Jarolyn Popp, Chairman

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