What does SPJST stand for?

SPJST comes from the Czech phrase Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas, which translated in English means the Slavonic, Benevolent Order of the State of Texas.


What is a fraternal benefit society?
Fraternal benefit societies are groups of people who share a common ethnic heritage, occupation, or general interest. By definition, a fraternal benefit society must be an incorporated society, without capital stock, organized and operated solely for the benefit of its members and their beneficiaries, and not for profit; have a branch – or lodge – system; have a representative form of government; and provide insurance and fraternal benefits.


What does Fraternal mean?

Fraternal is another word for brotherly. It can also mean charitable, compassionate, neighborly, personal, and desiring to help others. There are many Fraternal organizations both nationally and internationally, such as: The Lions Club, Rotary Club, VFW, and Knights of Columbus.  SPJST is a non-profit company that seeks to serve the common good, protect it’s members, and preserve the Czech Heritage.


How does one become an SPJST member?
It’s easy! Simply purchase a life insurance or annuity certificate to become a member. Go to “Find an Agent” on our Member Services page. You can also contact our Home Office at (800) 727-7578 or email info@spjst.org. SPJST Sales Agents can also assist you with. Click here to find an Agent.


How does SPJST participate in or preserve the Czech Heritage?

On a local or statewide level, members can participate in annual Czech festivals, including Westfest, Ennis Polka Fest, Kolache Fest, and more! Some lodges have groups of dancers that wear Czech outfits (called kroj) and they perform a dance called the Ceska Beseda. SPJST also sponsors Kolache eating contests at many events. Tarok is a Czech/Slovakian card game that is still taught and played today. Many Czech polka bands perform at SPJST halls and events statewide. There are also many Czech historical and ancestral material at libraries and museums, such as the Czech Heritage museum located next to the SPJST Home Office and the Czech library, archives, and Veterans Wall of Honor maintained by Texas Czech Genealogy Society, located at the SPJST Home Office.


Do I have to be Czech to join SPJST?
While our common bond is Czech heritage and culture, we welcome all people to our organization.


Where is SPJST’s headquarters?
The SPJST Home Office is located in Temple, Texas, at 520 North Main Street.


What are some other Texas-based Czech organizations? 

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