One of the benefits that SPJST makes available to its members is a competitive scholarship program. The SPJST Scholarship/GrantProgram is meant to encourage and assist members to further their education and to help them achieve career goals.

Donations to the SPJST Scholarship Fund are always welcome and appreciated.



SPJST General Scholarships – For All SPJST Members

SPJST General Scholarships were established in 1982 for all SPJST members. General Scholarships are funded by the Supreme Lodge and voluntary contributions by SPJST members. Accordingly, the more funds available, the more scholarships awarded.

Download Scholarship Application.

SPJST Leadership Grants – For Active Youth Club Members

Leadership Grants were established in 1996 for active youth club members and are funded solely through allocations by the Supreme Lodge.

Download Leadership Grant Application.

Scholarship/Grant Applicant Information

 To request an application be mailed to you, click here to complete a form.

Applicants must have an active SPJST insurance certificate in force for one year and hold an active SPJST insurance certificate for the duration of the scholarship or grant. SPJST scholarship recipients must enter college the fall term following the announcement of their award.

All SPJST scholarship/grant recipients must attend college or technical school on a full-time basis and carry a normal academic load without interruption and in agreement with the college calendar. Their personal and academic standards must remain satisfactory to the college and to the committee.

For additional information regarding the SPJST Scholarship/Grant program, including deadlines for requesting and submitting applications, please contact the President’s Office at (800) 727-7578 or email Sandra.

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