SPJST introduces online E-Pay payments

SPJST now offers the convenience of online premium payments. Members can use their credit card or e-check to make a payment anytime and from anywhere.

Why Pay Online?

lt’s Secure – Online payments are more secure than mailing a check!

lt’s Convenient – View your charges and make payments online anytime and from anywhere!

lt’s Flexible – You can pay with whatever method best fits your needs!

The online ePay is available on the spjst.org website under the “Member Services” tab.

The Payment Options

ACH/E-Check – Pull your premium payment directly from your checking or savings account. The online payment fee is $3 per ACH/E-Check payments.

Credit Card – Charge your premium to your credit or debit card. The online payment fee is 3.25 percent per transaction.

The fees remain with the payment processor, ePayPolicy, and are not forwarded to SPJST.

If you are receiving multiple billing statements in one month and would like the certificates linked to one billing statement, please give us a call at 800-727-7578.